Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov Talks Openly About The Most Sensational Porn Scandals

ex-lawyer Max Polyakov

Relationships are a complicated and confusing thing, but one is certain: most people love sex. And where sex – there is treason, because not everyone wants to stay on one partner! Treason is a particularly notable affair among celebrities: as soon as a star gets an affair, half of the media starts to sound it. However not only newspapers write such news. Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov from South Korea was eyewitness of several serious sex scandals. He has a blog where actively discusses details of suchlike events.

Harvy Weinstein and his sexual misconduct allegations

It may turn to be quite a challenge to find a person who doesn’t know popular producer Harvey Weinstein. Max Polyakov was one of the first who did not waste time and talked about sex scandal connected with this person. Several women accused him of sexual harassment, the number of prosecutors increased; it became clear that he had molested both his co-workers and actresses.

The producer promised them to help with career, and then repaid from the charges. Among the victims of harassment were both employees of The Weinstein Company, and well-known actresses, including Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd.

After the release of the material about the unacceptable behavior of the producer, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow also stated. The scandal has affected the whole Hollywood film industry and even American politicians.

Max Polyakov says that 13 women accused famous producer in the period from 1990 to 2015. In addition, 16 former and current employees of the companies were aware of accusations against him. According to Max Polyakov, Weinstein concluded eight peace agreements with women who accused him of unwanted physical contacts and sexual harassment. If there was a danger of publicity, women received money for silence.

On October 7, the board of directors of The Weinstein Company dismissed Harvey Weinstein from his own company and now plans to change its name. On October 11, the wife of producer Georgina Chapman announced about parting with him. Max Polyakov states Harvey Weinstein felt guilty and mentions his words: “I’m sorry that I behaved like this with my colleagues and hurt them. I work on my demons, and myself including with the help of psychologists, but still far from perfect. I respect all women and I hope one day to earn their trust. “

At the same time, Weinstein denies the accusations through the press agent and claims that if he had had sexual contacts with women, in particular with actresses, then only by agreement.

Max Polyakov is sure that the situation with Harvey Weinstein has been excellent opportunity to talk about other sex-chat scandals. He also likes to follow all suchlike news and discuss them in own blog.

Chronology: how Kevin Spacey’s career was destroyed in 10 days

Max Polyakov also didn’t miss chance to write about porn scandal connected with famous actor Kevin Spacey. He told that eight people from the crew of the TV series “House of Cards” testified against their colleague Kevin Spacey, declaring him harassed. All of them did it anonymously, only actor Anthony Rapp from the series “Star Trek” was not afraid to reveal his identity. According to the actor, Spacey tried to seduce him at one of the star parties, when he was 14 years old. As a result, press secretary and acting agency refused to work with Spacey.

The Most Sensational Porn Scandals In Max Polyakov‘s Producer's Blog

Against the background of a shocking scandal, the production of the sixth season of the series “House of Cards” was stopped. According to Max Polyakov posts, the man who worked with the actor in the first seasons gained courage and informed about his situation. Another employee of the channel, a former production assistant, told how once he went with Kevin in the car, and the actor laid hand on his trousers. Hollywood was just shocked.

In addition to the danger of being sent to the prison, Spacey faces a complete reputation for failure, which is predictable. His representative Stacey Wolfe has already refused to work with him, and representatives of the International Television Academy have said that they will not award the artist the Emmy award. Creative Artists Agency, with whom he worked closely, said that it was not going to support and represent his interests. The creators of the movie “All the Money in the World” are not going to promote Kevin to the “Oscar”.

Max Polyakov is sure that the reason for it lies in childhood. His father was a pedophile. He raped the elder brother and hit Kevin. Many actors and other representatives of the film industry have repeatedly complained of harassment from colleagues. Most of them wished to remain anonymous, some were even afraid to tell the names of those who subjected them to moral violence or inclined to intimacy.

Sex scandal with Brett Ratner hit on film about Hugh Hefner

Playboy Company has suspended all arrangements with Brett Ratner, who wanted to put a film based on the life of creator of popular magazine Hugh Hefner. Max Polyakov says that representative Jared Leto confirmed the star would not participate in the project. Ex-lawyer says they are very sad to hear such news but still think this behavior fully unacceptable. As a result they decided to stop the development of projects in cooperation with RatPac Entertainment until will be able to analyze the following case.

Additionally, Ratner planned to restart show Playboy after Dark that was led by Hefner in 1960s. Reason for the freezing project was article about sexual harassment, which took place from the side of Ratner towards six women. Among them are Olivia Mann, Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Ray Newman and Catherine Town.

Ratner denies all charges. However, at the same time he decided to withdraw from the cooperation with Warner Bros. for a while.

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Another sex scandal: about 40 women accused James Toback of violence

Hollywood director and screenwriter James Toback admitted sexual harassment of actresses throughout his career. It is what Max Polyakov writes in his blog. Post says that 38 women told about the harassment of Toback.

After well-known scandal with participation of Harvey Weinstein, more and more offended people began to tell about the experience of sexual violence. It may be surprising but among them are not only women, but also men. It happened not without the participation of Alyssa Milano, who recently launched flash mob "Me too". Thanks to this hashtag, frank stories about sex-violence began to appear in social networks. Their number is increasing every day so that many stories are told all over the world. It is difficult to believe in some of them.

Meanwhile, Max Polyakov is conducting own independent investigation about 72-year-old producer. Radio presenter Sari Kamin was one of his victims. She told that in 2003 she met James Toback in Manhattan. According to her, she wanted to be an actress very much, and Toback promised to help her to get a job of her dream. One evening they dined in an Italian restaurant, after which the director persuaded the woman to accompany him to the hotel room. There, Toback asked her to take off her clothes, and when Sari protested, he started to shout at her, so she succumbed and took off her clothes. She was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

James Toback denied porn accusations and claimed that he did not know any of mentioned women. The director said that even if he met with some of them, these meetings lasted only a few minutes, and he simply did not remember this.

Fashion photographers are also accused of sex violence

Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov's Thoughts On Sex Scandals

Besides famous producers and actors, Max Polyakov has published a post about popular fashion photographers. Mario Testino and Bruce Weber are other heroes of Max Polyakov blog.

Sex violence in show business is major topic these days, not only in Hollywood, but worldwide. After popular actors and producers, Bruce Weber and Mario Testino who are famous fashion photographers, have been accused in sexual exploitations. Max Polyakov wrote a post after the publication in popular magazine, in which both assistants and models reported repeated cases of porn violence towards them. The article says that during photo sessions photographers forced models to touch their body and intimate places and masturbate.

It should be noticed that a few months ago, both men were among the most outstanding and respected professionals in fashion industry. However, Weber and Testino reject charges.

Woody Allen and his daughter: truth or not

Max Polyakov published a recent post about Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow, his daughter. He wrote that a woman stated that father had abused her when she was only 7 years old.

Woody Allen is forever inscribed in history of cinematography. He is known to be one of the most famous directors in world, whose films are repeatedly awarded with the most prestigious awards. However, hardworking and brilliant Allen is not ideal in terms of family life.

Four years ago, Dylan Farrow, Woody's adopted daughter wrote a letter to famous magazine stating that her famous stepfather had outraged her at the age of 7. Then this letter caused a resonance in the society, however, everyone quickly forgot about it. Everybody except Max Polyakov who was Farrow’s lawyer. Now, when everyone in Hollywood is talking about their experiences of sexual violence, Dylan again reminded her story.

Representatives of the director, like himself, deny the words of adopted daughter: "Believe, I just couldn’t molest Dylan because I loved her very much. I hope she will understand soon that she has lost her loving father because of her mother, who hatred and exerted psychological pressure on her".

However, Farrow insists and in a recent interview with CBS, she assured everyone that she was telling the truth: "You should trust me, I tell truth. I believe that it is very important people understand that each victim of such crimes is important".

James Franco and a new porn scandal

Max Polyakov posted a new article in own blog. He states that cinema world has new hysteria: 39-year-old American actor James Franco is accused of pedophilia. Namely - in the corruption of a young actress.

Remarkably, Franco, who received his second Golden Globe - for his role in “The Disaster Artist” is a supporter of the Time's Up movement, expressing solidarity with the victims of Hollywood's "sexual predators."

As Max Polyakov writes, the charges against Franco were put forward some time after the end of the award ceremony. The alleged victim is actress Violet Paley, who claims that James Franco subjected her to oral obscenities when the girl was seventeen years old. Later another young woman complained, saying that Franco forced her to appear in films naked "for a hundred dollars."

The actor made a refutation, emphasizing: he does not read what is written about him in social networks and all that is said, is completely untrue. Finally, this scandal greatly spoiled actor’s reputation and caused many difficulties both in private and professional life.


The scandal caused by Harvey Weinstein's accusations of sex harassment uncovered a problem that the film industry had long been trying to keep quiet about. Memories of women about the harassment of the producer helped many of those who suffered from harassment of influential Hollywood men, to speak.

Max Polyakov also tries to talk more about porn scandals. He says that influential men - producers, directors and movie stars - use power to induce girls to have sex.

Only now, when social networks help to inform the public about harassment almost at any moment, it becomes clear that many of the influential figures of film industry did not come to the place of Harvey Weinstein only because of insufficient technical progress. Max Polyakov is sure that later or early all sex-chat scandals will appear in the newspapers.