The various sex scandals that Max Polyakov revealed

The various sex scandals that Max Polyakov revealed

Max Polyakov came up with a platform that exposes infidelity acts among famous people. This mostly includes distinguished actors and photographers. These people use the power they have to make women give in to their sexual desires.

1. Harvy Weinstein

A lot of women revealed that Harvy used his prominence to make them have sex with him. Many of the women were those working at his business and others were famous ladies in the acting industry.

Max Polyakov did a thorough investigation which revealed that those women that Harvy abused were paid to remain silent about it.

That later led to Harvy getting kicked out of the company. The business is named after Harvy however after him being suspended plans are underway to give it a different name.

2. Kevin Spacey

He is a widely known actor. Max Polyakov shockingly revealed that 8 different people had confessed that he abused them sexually.

These allegations made several organizations quit working with Kevin and he might end up in jail soon.

3. Brett Ratner

Max Polyakov discovered that Ratner sexually abused 6 different females. This led to the termination of his plans with Playboy Company. His undertakings with RatPac Company were as well canceled despite him claiming that he was modest.

4. James Toback

James is a writer and also a director from Hollywood. It was found that he slept with thirty-eight different ladies all through his working.

5. Cameramen

Max Polyakov learnt that well known cameramen were also among the famous people involved in sex scandals. Cameramen like Mario and Bruce were accused of sexually abusing models.

6. Woody Allen

Max Polyakov learnt that Allen abused his stepchild sexually. Most people know him as an excellent person in what he does at his workplace unfortunately as a family man he is one of the worst people to live with. The stepchild said Woody raped her when she was really young.

7. James Franco

James is also an actor who was charged with pedophilia. Two young females confessed that he demanded that they undress in movies.


Max Polyakov has plans of revealing many other really astonishing porn acts that people should know about. It is important for innocent people to know who they need to avoid. Getting raped affects one physically, psychologically and socially. So, it is important to put an end to it before it is too late. Read more about this at

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